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Mosquito Deleto Supplies

Thank you for visiting the Biocontrol Network website.

Unfortunately for many Mosquito Deleto customers, replacement parts for the Mosquito Deleto have become increasingly impossible to find.

Biocontrol Network is happy to offer some solutions for your "Mosquito Deleto" replacement part needs.

There are two schools of thought with regards to the glue boards:

You can re-use the old glue boards by cleaning off the old glue and insects with a mild solvent, such as Citra-Solv. Citra-Solv an orange oil based solvent. It works great on all sorts of glues and greases.

Using a small rag and Citra-Solv, you can easily wipe the old sticky panels clean in just a minute or two. Then, using Tanglefoot TangleTrap Insect Trap Coating, you can apply fresh insect trap glue to the old Mosquito Deleto board. This is re-cyling at its best!!

A pint of Citra-Solv and a quart of Insect Trap Coating should give you several re-freshes, possibly enough to last for two or three years.

Citra-Solv, 8 oz
Citra-Solv, 16 oz
Citra-Solv, 32 oz
Citra-Solv, 1 gal
Tanglefoot TangleTrap
Insect Trap Coating

Tangle-Trap Brushable, 8 oz, w/ brush
Tangle-Trap Brushable, 1 qt, can
Tangle-Trap Brushable, 1 gal

Then, there is the Octenol Attractant. We have a two-pack, which is made for a different mosquito trap. It might not be exactly identical to the Coleman Octenol cartridge, but it's Octenol, nonetheless.

Octenol cartridge
Lentek MK-05 Octenol 2-pk refill

The alternative to cleaning and refreshing the glue on your old boards would be to simply purchase pre-glued insect trapping paper and trim it to fit your Mosquito Deleto. We have several different sizes of sticky paper to choose from. We have the standard gardeners whitefly (yellow) sticky traps, the thrips (blue) sticky traps, and fly (white) sticky traps of various sizes.

Tanglefoot Yellow Sticky Traps
Tanglefoot Yellow Sticky Traps, 3" x 5", 3/pkg
Seabright Blue Sticky Traps
Seabright Blue Sticky Traps, 5/pkg
Seabright Blue Sticky Traps, 10 pkgs

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