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Purple Martin House
WatersEdge Suites

Aluminum houses seem to be best suited for the Purple Martin. They are lightweight, do not harbor parasites, easy to clean, and cooler, if properly ventilated. The homes should be placed in an open area, at least 25 feet from objects such as tree limbs, houses, etc.

The Waters Edge suite is one of the most scientifically proven houses available on the market today. The 6" x 12" suite concept utilizes two compartments per family offering an entry room and a nesting room. The martins enter through a starling resistant entry hole. From the entry room, they travel 90 degrees through a 2-1/4" opening into the nesting room with an elevated sub floor and nesting trays. This design provides greater protection from natural predators such as owls, coons, and hawks. Martins have a tendency to yield more fledglings from large compartments and the entry room serves as a protective staging area for the young birds prior to flight.

Mansion features include all cool aluminum and stainless steel construction, reflective roof, ceiling panel for proper ventilation, hinged clean out doors, guard rails, top perch, and an all aluminum base plate. Assembly required.

Made to fit TP-12 & HD-12 Pole. Door plugs sold separate.

4 Unit Condo 6 Unit Condo 8 Unit Condo
4 Unit Condo6 Unit Condo8 Unit Condo

143301WatersEdge Suite Purple Martin House - 4 room suite$97.95
143311WatersEdge Suite Purple Martin House - 6 room suite$128.95
143321WatersEdge Suite Purple Martin House - 8 room suite$156.95
143421Purple Martin House - "Add-A-Floor"$42.95
143513WatersEdge - 1 Replacement Door (covers 2 holes)$4.70
143514WatersEdge - 1 Replacement Door - Round (covers 2 holes)$4.70

Due to the size and/or shape of the Martin Mansion and the mounting poles, they will ship separately from other items ordered. Must Ship UPS Ground.

Click here for Purple Martin House Accessories such as Porch Divider, Predator Guard, Sparrow Trap, Telescoping Pole, etc.


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