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Purple Martin House

PoleTelescoping pole
Select from a Standard TP-12 (18 gauge) or Heavy Duty HD-12 (16 gauge) telescoping pole to match your new Coates Purple Martin House. Zinc plated thumb screws set the pole and hold it at the desired height. The optional 24" ground socket is available for the Heavy Duty pole. It can be buried or cemented into the ground, providing a stable sleeve for insertion.

12' Telescoping, 18 Gauge
Base Section: 1.90" diameter
Fits any Coates House
12' Telescoping, 16 Gauge
Base Section: 2.19" diameter
Fits any Coates House

Base Plate Sparrow Trap
Base PlateSparrow Trap

Predator Guard Predator Guard
Available for the Coates 12 and 16 room houses the optional Predator Guard will help keep out the natural enemy's of your martin family. Easily attaches to the guard rail and metal edges of your house. The guard is made of the same high quality aluminum as your martin home.

Door Plugs
Door plugs are important to keep messy sparrows from taking over the house during the winter months while the martins are wintering in South America. When the martins begin to return in the spring, take a few plugs out and let the martins know you are "back in business". Then, as more birds come, take the rest of the plugs out and let the martins have their home.

Porch Dividers
This unique feature designed to prevent what is called "male porch domination". The problem that many landlords have encountered is that one male will dominate a porch that has three potential compartments. By his aggressiveness, he will make the other birds stay off "his porch". This creates a situation in which only one active nest will be found. The other nests that had been started will be abandoned, occasionally after eggs have been laid by other martins.

143501Universal Base Plate$17.95
143521Door Plug, Round Hole$1.10
143531Porch Dividers, 6 pack$10.80
143541TP-12 Telescoping 18 ga Pole, 12' $68.95
143581HD-12 Heavy Duty 16 ga 12' Pole, w/ Ground Socket$95.95
143601Predator Guard - 2 Floor$29.95
143611Predator Guard - 3 Floor$32.95
143612Predator Guard - 4 Floor$36.95

Due to the size and/or shape of the Martin Mansion and the mounting poles, they will ship separately from other items ordered. Must Ship UPS Ground.


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