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This butterfly nectar feeder is one of the first of it's kind to offer unique, intelligent and functional qualities such as built in ant-guard, bee-proof, and solid brass hangers. Flutterby incorporates a simple lift-off-and-clean fill system that insures your butterflies will be stocked with clear nectars. The UV-stabilized, polycarbonate construction guarantees extra-long life, you can run them through you dishwasher. The color of this feeder allows the use of all-natural nectars, eliminating the need to use harmful dyes in the food.

Three trays incorporated into the cap design allow the placement of fruit to further enhance your success. This 12 ounce capacity feeder comes complete with helpful hints how to effectively attract a variety of butterfly species.

The Butterfly Nectar is all natural and contains no dyes or preservatives and is specifically formulated for this type of feeder. Simply mix with boiling water and cool - easy to store in your fridge. Comes with two five ounce packages which make one quart each.

260701Flutterby Butterfly Feeder$14.90
260711Flutterby Butterfly Feeder, 12/cs$142.90
260801Butterfly Nectar$3.50
260811Butterfly Nectar, 12/cs$39.90


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