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Thatch Away Thatch Away

Thatch Away is a 100% organic formula full of concentrated, non-toxic organisms that begins to break down thatch immediately. Thatch Away rids your lawn of thatch, and with regular use keeps your lawn off the thatch cycle in nature's own way.

Thatch Away promotes a living soil by creating an environment for microorganisms and earthworms that can digest clippings and organic matter and turn it into natural food for your lawn. Keep thatch out of your lawn the easy way by using Thatch Away!

Application rate: 1 gal./10,000 sq. ft.

320521Thatch Away, 1 gal.$45.75
320531Thatch Away, 1 gal., 4/cs$133.85
320541Thatch Away, 5 gal.$150.00

Due to the size and/or shape of the Thatch Away 5 gallon, it will ship separately from other items ordered.


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