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Scythe Herbicide
Control Without Compromise

Scythe Herbicide Scythe® is a fatty acid based, non-selective, contact herbicide. Formulated as a liquid, Scythe readily mixes with water to be applied as a foliar spray for the control of suppression of annual weeds and grasses, and for top kill of perennial species. It effectively controls both annual broadleaf and grass weeds that are less than 6" height. It suppresses biennial and perennial weeds by destroying green foliage. Visible effect on most weeds usually occur within hours.

Mode of Action
Scythe kills weeds and grasses fast. When Scythe makes contact with a living plant, the spray quickly penetrates green plant tissue, and disrupts normal membrane permeability and cellular physiology. The disruption of the cell membrane results in cell leakage and death of all contacted tissues. Results are usually visible within minutes after treatment. Depending on plant size and species, some re-growth may occur and require additional treatment.

Soil Activity
Because Scythe is rapidly degraded into the environment, treated areas can be sown(e.g. to lawn grass) or transplanted into as soon as desirable levels of weed control are obtained. Scythe may be applied for post-emergent control of weeds in areas that have been seeded, or planted with bulbs or other underground propagation parts, provided that the desirable plants have not yet emerged.

For most rapid kill, apply in warm sunny weather. Avoid applications when rainfall is imminent. A rain-free period of 1 to 2 hours following application is usually sufficient for effective kill. Avoid cold temperatures. Applications when temperatures are below 70 slows the rate of kill and reduces the visual effect of the herbicide even though weeds may still die.

Application rate: Use 5%-10% volume with water.
For weeds and grasses less than 6" use lower label rate.
For weeds and grasses taller than 6" use higher label rate.

385131 Scythe Contact Herbicide/Weed Killer, 2.5 gal (23#)        $220.50
385141 Scythe Contact Herbicide/Weed Killer, 2.5 gal, 2/cs (46#)  $407.00

The 2.5 gallon Scythe Herbicide will ship separately from other items ordered.


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