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Poison Ivy Defoliant
Made From Plant Oils
  • Poison Ivy Defoliant kills- Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac and other ivy type plant.
  • Made from food-grade ingredients including Clove Oil and Citric Acid.
  • Kills overnight
  • Safe to use around ponds and streams.
  • Safe to use around animals and humans.
St. Gabriel Laboratories Poison Ivy Defoliant kills the top growth of poison ivy and ivy type plants by burning through the cell structure. The Poison Ivy Defoliant contains clove oil to induce a rapid burn down of plant tissue on contact.

Spray directly on leaves and vines until run off. Destroys plant tissue in hours with complete top growth kill in 24 hours. A second application may be necessary to kill thicker woodier vines.

For complete removal of ivy type plants including poison oak, physical removal of the burned down plant is required. Use Gloves and pull dead vines from the Earth making sure to take up as much of the root system as possible.

St. Gabriel Laboratories Poison Ivy Defoliant can be used around the home, buildings, including schools, in fence rows, along tree lines, garden and flower beds, and right of ways.

Spray on off-target plants can be rinsed with fresh water to avoid unwanted plant damage.

128 oz (gallon) Sprayer - Treats 600 sq ft

Active Ingredients:
Clove Oil.... 12%
Sodium Laurel Sulphate.. 8%

Other Ingredients:
Vinegar, Lecithin, Water, Citric Acid, Mineral Oil

Note: Please use Burnout Weed & Grass Killer, and simply use it a little stronger than the label recommends.

405401 Poison Ivy Defoliant, gallon, Ready To Use (12#)  $49.95  PERMANENTLY UNAVAILABLE
405411 Poison Ivy Defoliant, gallon, RTU, 4/case (45#)  $172.00  PERMANENTLY UNAVAILABLE


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