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Peppermint Oil Soap

100% Pure castile oil soap with peppermint, coconut, and jojoba oils added for superior cleaning. A couple of ounces dissolved in water provide an excellent foliar cleaning spray and insect repellent. Used in conjuction with Kleen Free Enzyme Cleaner, you have a superior insect contact spray. The soap increases the surfactant qualities of the Kleen Free Enzyme Cleaner, and the extended drying time of the soap allows the natural properties of the enzymes to remain active and effective for a longer period of time.

Also available, Shadow Lake Pure Castile Soap Peppermint

257201  Peppermint Soap, 8 oz. conc. (0.5#)     $9.95
257211  Peppermint Soap, 1 pt. conc. (1#)      $19.70
257231  Peppermint Soap, 1 qt. conc. (2.6#)    $33.60
257241  Peppermint Soap, 1 gal. conc. (9#)     $73.80

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