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OdorzOut All Purpose Granular
OdorzOut All Purpose

Use Odorzout General Household All Surface Granules for odor removal. It's made up of Zeolite Minerals. The product is 100% natural. Our products and components are entirely Made in the USA. It has no perfumes, chemicals or additives. The product has no odor of its own.

The Zeolites are of the highest quality. It has 30% moisture in nature, it is dry to less than 3% so it absorbs moisture as well as odors. Odorzout General Household All Surface Granules are 100% safe to use around pets and people too.

How to remove odor:
Use Odorzout General Household All Surface Granules. They can be used in a variety of odor eliminating ways. It is used dry, and is sprinkled lightly to get rid of odors. It may be used indoors or outside. It may be used on the following surfaces and more, carpet, tile, wood, dirt, cement, cloth, plastic, etc.

It may be used inside cars, refrigerators, recreational vehicles, boats, coolers, disposals, garbage pails, trash cans, suitcases, gym bags, lockers, and hampers. The only limitation is your imagination.

When used correctly, Odorzout will eliminate odors of smoke, mold, mildew, skunk, pet odors, urine, spilled or spoiled food, cooking odors, and more.

By using Odorzout General Household All Surface Granules sparingly, one bottle of 850 grams, is enough to cover 800 to 1,000 square feet, one time. Using a fan on low in the room helps the air circulate and, therefore, will be beneficial in the product absorbing odor.

Odorzout General Household All Surface may be substituted with Odorzout Pet All Surface or Odorzout Cat All Surface Granules.

508811 OdorzOut - All-Purpose Granular, 850 g DISCONTINUED
508821 OdorzOut - All-Purpose Granular, 2 gal DISCONTINUED
508831 OdorzOut - All-Purpose Granular, 5 gal DISCONTINUED

Due to the size and/or shape of the OdorzOut All Purpose Granular 2 gallon and 5 gallon, they will ship separately from other items ordered.

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