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Cleaner & Degreaser

Super concentrated, biodegradable, all purpose cleaner made from by-products of citrus peels.

Citra-Solv cleans wood, linoleum, tile, formica, washable fabrics*, upholstery*, carpets*, patio furniture and most surfaces in and around your home.

You can use Citra-Solv as a laundry booster, just add 1-2 oz. of Citra-Solv to you laundry for extra cleaning power.

*Before using, always spot test on an out-of-the-way area for color-fastness. Note: Avoid contact with some plastics. May be damaging.

Shelf life 5 years minimum

Citra Solv Concentrate
This versatile citrus solvent is a natural, powerful degreaser that cleans your toughest stains while filling your home with fragrance. It's available in Valencia Orange (a sweet, juicy and delightfully effervescent scent).

Use it full-strength for especially tough jobs, or dilute it with water to handle most of your household cleaning. The cleaning chart makes it easy to see the many helpful ways it works in and around your home, as well as how you should dilute it:
Full Usage Guide and Cleaning Chart.

If you prefer the quick convenience of a pre-diluted cleanser, our Ready to Use is perfect.

D'Limonene (clear liquid from the peel of the orange), essential oil blend & biodegradable cleaning agents (derived from coconut)

Citra Solv RTU Spray
One bottle, infinite uses. This versatile cleaner can handle almost any household task, and is ideally suited for stainless steel, wood, porcelain, aluminum and other surfaces. It's available in Valencia Orange (sweet, juicy and delightfully effervescent).

The trigger bottle can easily be refilled - simply dilute Citra Solv Natural Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate with water.

Water, D-Limonene (clear liquid from the peel of the orange), orange oil & biodegradable cleaning agents (derived from coconut)

Citra-Solv Cleaning Applications: Citra-Solv Water Container
Windows & glass surfaces 1/8 tsp. 22 oz. Spray bottle
General purpose & light spotting 1 oz. 16 oz. Spray bottle
Floors, walls & cars 1 oz. 1/2 gal. Bucket
Dissolves: Chewing gum, ink, tar, grease, lipstick, adhesives, pet stains, pet odors, and more. Use full strength. Rinse with water.

992021 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 8 oz $8.95
992022 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 8 oz, 12/cs $103.20
992031 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 16 oz $16.40
992032 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 16 oz, 12/cs $171.60
992041 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 32 ozs $28.95
992042 Citra-Solv Conc.- Valencia Orange, 32 oz, 12/cs $295.20


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