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Ultra Citra-Dish
Dishwashing Detergent

Ultra Citra-Dish is an extraordinary dishwashing detergent that harnesses the power of real citrus extracts to get dishes and glassware sparkling clean!

  • Concentrated, biodegradable, dishwashing detergent
  • Natural orange scent from essential oils
  • No synthetic dyes or perfumes
  • Cuts through grease
  • Removes tough, baked-on foods

Citra-Dish Liquid: Natural Cleaning agents (coconut & vegetable based), Sodium Chloride (salt), Natural Citrus & other natural essential oils, Preservative (less than 0.002%) & Water. Shelf life 2 years minimum.

Citra-Dish Powder: Cleaning Agents (sodium percarbonate, a non-chlorine oxygen bleach), alkoxylated fatty alcohol nonionic, (low sudsing surfactant), non animal derived enzymes, water softeners (sodium carbonate, citric acid), spot prevention agent, (sodium polyacrylate polymer), dishwasher & china protection (hydrous polysilicate), processing aids (sodium sulfate, sodium chloride), rinse aid (hydroxyl mixed ether using vegetable derived fatty alcohol) and natural citrus extracts. Shelf life 4 years minimum.

Available in 25 oz liquid for hand washing dishes and 45 oz powder for automatic dishwashing.

985011Ultra Citra-Dish - Valencia Orange, 25 oz liq$4.55
985021Ultra Citra-Dish - Valencia Orange, 25 oz liq, 12/cs$46.20
985031Ultra Citra-Dish - Mango Tangerine, 25 oz liq$4.55
985041Ultra Citra-Dish - Mango Tangerine, 25 oz liq, 12/cs$46.20
985051Ultra Citra-Dish - Lemon Verbena, 25 oz liq$4.55
985061Ultra Citra-Dish - Lemon Verbena, 25 oz liq, 12/cs$46.20
985071Ultra Citra-Dish - Lavender Bergamot, 25 oz liq$4.55
985081Ultra Citra-Dish - Lavender Bergamot, 25 oz liq, 12/cs$46.20
985121Ultra Citra-Dish, 45 oz powder$7.05
985131Ultra Citra-Dish, 45 oz powder, 12/cs$71.64


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