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Beneficial Insects Are Our Friends

Once you identify the pests in your garden or field, you can choose the natural biological controls--the ones Nature intended to manage them. But beneficial insects are only part of the overall biological control system. The other necessary components--soil care, trapping and monitoring, beneficial habitats, cover crops, water management--are discussed throughout this catalog. And remember: when you need assistance, Biocontrol Network's consultants are just a phone call away.

What Are Beneficial Insects?

It may be hard to believe, but about 98 percent of insects can be considered beneficial in some way. The question is, are the insects in your garden, greenhouse, or field helping or harming your plants?

Beneficial insects are like natural insecticides: they seek out and either eat or kill their natural prey. They do not harm your plants or crops.

Why Isn't Nature Doing Her Job?

At one time, Nature's system of checks and balances in the plant world was free to run its natural ecological course. As humans dump pollutants and synthetic fertilizers into the land, water, and air and introduce nonnative plants and insects to many different places, Nature's balance is disturbed. ARBICO can supply you with the natural controls Nature intended, plus organic products to help rebuild the soil and return your garden or field to an ecologically balanced area.

How Do I Know Which Beneficial Insects I Need?

Read about the beneficial insects in this catalog, as well as the beneficial mites and beneficial organisms. If you have any questions, call our Biocontrol Network representatives and they will help you select the most appropriate beneficials for your situation.

Won't the Beneficial Insects Leave Once They've Done Their Job?

Wouldn't you leave a restaurant that ran out of food? Your beneficials will stay, however, if you give them a beneficial habitat, which supplies them with plenty of pollen and nectar. See Seeds and Cover Crops for more information about beneficial habitats.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

That depends on many factors: the condition of your soil, the health of your plants, the extent of infestation, and weather conditions, to name a few. Generally, the best time to release beneficials is when infestation is low to moderate. Some people begin to see results overnight; others must wait several days or weeks. In some cases we recommend that you monitor and use traps to determine effectiveness.

How Will I Know How Many Beneficials I'll Need?

The release rates presented in this catalog for the beneficials are suggested applications that work in many cases. However, your actual needs will depend on several factors, such as the extent of infestation, soil and water conditions, prior use of pesticides and/or beneficials, and other considerations. Your Biocontrol Network consultant will help you determine the number and type of beneficials you need for effective control.

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