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Skeet-R-Gone Skeet-R-Gone can be the most thorough and effective means for home-owner mosquito control available. It can be used to eliminate both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source.

You can also treat your lawn for gnats, grubs, no see-ums, ants (including fire ants), and other bugs. Plus, using a different type of concentrate, you can repel undesirable animals such as snakes, deer, rabbits and others.

Skeet-R-Gone can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system. Once installed, it is very simple to operate, and depending on number of zones, an entire lawn can be sprayed in as few as 5 minutes!


  • Enjoy a pest-free yard: Control mosquitoes, ants, termites, and other pests with Skeet-R-Gone. You can use different concentrates through Skeet-R-Gone depending on the type of application you need.

  • You get to choose when: Treat your lawn before parties, Bar-B-Ques, and other events.

  • Save Time: Applications take only one minute per zone.

  • No more smelly bug spray: Allow your family and guests to enjoy your yard without having to apply bug spray.

  • Protect your loved ones: A mosquito-free yard reduces the chance of contracting West Nile and other mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Protect your pets: Heartworm, West Nile, and other diseases are transferred to your pets through mosquitoes. Using Skeet-R-Gone will help protect your pets.

    Download the Skeet-R-Gone Video (Windows Media Player)

    1- Mixing Chamber1- Pump Box with Hose Assembly
    1- Pressure Switch Hose Fitting1- Installation Manual
    1- Wire Assembly1- Quick Reference and Zone Chart
    1- Inlet Orifice and Check Valve1- Hose Ties
    1- Transformer (connected to wire Assembly)1- Box Mounting Screws
    1- Roll Teflon Tape1- Controller Mounting Screws
    1- Adapter Fitting1- Quick Clamps
    1- Controlller1- Wire Nuts
    1- Saddle Valve1- Measuring, Storage and Prime Bottle
    1- Lawn Flags
    What is included

    051001 Skeet-R-Gone (30#)               $699.95


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