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How It Works

Liquid concentrate is injected into an existing sprinkler system by a 160 PSI pump that is housed in an exterior enclosure. This enclosure also houses the concentrate.
The concentrate is pumped through a small tube that connects to a special mixing chamber and saddle valve. These are installed directly onto the water supply after the backflow preventer.
The pump is controlled by a wiring harness that leads to the Skeet-R-Gone controller, which is mounted next to the sprinkler system control panel.

  1. Replace primer bottle with desired concentrate in the exterior enclosure. Manually activate a zone.
  2. Push red activation button on Skeet-R-Gone controller for pre-determined number of seconds, then release.
  3. Allow zone to run for an additional one minute (30 seconds to mix & distribute concentrate and 30 seconds to flush the zone), then deactivate zone.
  4. Repeat activation steps for each zone.
  5. Replace concentrate with primer bottle. *

* This step is necessary because the Skeet-R-Gone controller will not operate pump without primer.


Why use Skeet-R-Gone?
Skeet-R-Gone is the most thorough and effective means for home-owner mosquito control. Skeet-R-Gone will eliminate both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source.

How often do I have to use Skeet-R-Gone?
Frequency will vary depending on area and weather conditions. Recommend activating Skeet-R-Gone whenever mosquitoes regain a noticeable presence.

Can I use liquid fertilizer in Skeet-R-Gone?
Skeet-R-Gone primary function is dedicated to mosquito control. Use of fertilizer may cause uneven shading throughout the coverage area.

Can I use liquid herbicide in Skeet-R-Gone?
Herbicide is not recommended because any plants covered by the sprinkler system may be unintentionally damaged.

What are recommended concentrates for use in Skeet-R-Gone?
Skeet-R-Gone can only recommend biologically, ecologically-friendly concentrates for mosquito control. EcoEXEMPTª IC - 2

Is Skeet-R-Gone difficult to install?
No, installation is quite simple for those with basic irrigation system knowledge. Those with no irrigation system experience should contact a local dealer for installation.

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