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Garlic Barrier

Garlic Barrier Discourage pest insects from dining on your fruits and vegetables with Garlic Barrier. Just apply Garlic Barrier before pests appear and watch them make an about-face when they smell that garlic. But you won't smell it! Garlic Barrier is odorless after the first few minutes of application.

Garlic Barrier discourages ants, aphids, grasshoppers, leafrollers, leaf loopers, thrips, spiders, spider mites, whitefly, flies, mosquitoes and other insects. It is safe to use on fruit, nut, and citrus trees, grapes, and vegetables. Garlic Barrier leaves no residual taste on food crops. It is environmentally safe, biodegradable, and economical.

The Garlic Barrier pints and quarts are 10% Garlic Extract and 90% Deionized Water. The pints and quarts dilutes 10:1 or 1 cup of Garlic Barrier to 10 cups of water. Diluted pints cover approximately 7,500 square feet. Diluted quarts cover approximately 15,000 square feet.

The Garlic Barrier gallons are 99.3% Pure Garlic Extract. A gallon normally dilutes 100:1 or 50:1 in water. One gallon of Garlic Barrier to 100 gallons of water covers 10 to 12 acres.

Ask about larger quantities. Unused concentrate can be stored for up to 3 years.

452911Garlic Barrier, 1 qt., 10%$10.90
452921Garlic Barrier, 1 qt., 10%, 12/cs$106.90
452931Garlic Barrier, 1 gal. 100%, (mix 100/1)$79.90
452941Garlic Barrier, 1 gal. 100%, 4/cs$279.00
For the quart size, please see the sister product Mosquito Barrier It's more concentrated than the 32 oz Garlic Barrier.


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