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EcoSmart Insect Repellent EcoSmart Insect Repellent
Keeps bugs away for hours and is safe for the entire family.

All-natural formula is made from organic plant oils, and repels mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and other annoying pests for hours. It doesn't use DEET or other synthetic chemicals.

Directions for use:
Hold container 6-8 inches from skin and spray with a slow sweeping motion. EcoSMART repellent can be applied directly to skin. Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing.

To apply to face, spray palm of hand and rub on. Apply every 2 - 3 hours or as needed as effectiveness varies with excessive perspiration. Do not spray eyes and mouth directly. Do not apply over cuts, wounds or irritated / sunburned skin.

NOTE: When used indoors, wipe away excess product.

Active Ingredients:
Rosemary Oil0.5%
Cinnamon Leaf Oil0.5%
Lemongrass Oil0.5%
Other Ingredient*97.5%
*Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Wintergreen Oil


PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: EcoSMART recommends good safety practices when using any repellent, such as avoiding contact with eyes. If product gets in eyes, flush eyes with water. Consult a physician if irritation persists. This product is made from plant oils and some individuals may be sensitive. If skin irritation occurs, wash treated area with soap and water. Consult a physician if irritation persists.

STORAGE & DISPOSAL: CAUTION: As with all household chemicals, keep out of reach of children. Do not reuse. Discard in trash.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: EcoSMARTmakes no warranties of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, nor any other express or implied warranty except as stated above. Buyer assumes all responsibilities for safety and use not in accordance with label directions and precautionary statements.

EcoSMART represents that this product is a Minimum-Risk pest control product, and qualifies for exemption from EPA registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

343401EcoSmart Insect Repellent, 6 oz.$7.50
343411EcoSmart Insect Repellent, 6 oz., 12/cs$85.00


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