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Revenge Window Fly Catchers

Flies, moths, ladybugs, spiders, wasps and "no-seeums" all go to the windows once they enter a room. Our Window Fly Catchers will stop them in their tracks. Dimensions: 9.25" x 2.5"

  1. Remove the thin pink protective strip from the top back of the Window Fly Catcher to expose the line of adhesive that attaches to window. Press this adhesive line to the top or bottom of window pane.
  2. Press your thumb against the lower unglued edge of the Catcher. Quickly, pull off the white cover sheet. This will expose the insect trapping glue which will face into the room.
  3. For larger windows use more than one Fly Catcher. Catchers work best on windows exposed to the most sunshine.

107111Revenge Window Fly Catchers, 4/pkg (.3#)$5.25
107121Revenge Window Fly Catchers, 12 pkgs (1.2#)$48.50
107131Revenge Window Fly Catchers, 24 pkgs/cs (2.7#)$87.60


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