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Beneficial Nematodes

(Steinernema feltiae)

These beneficial infective parasitic nematodes are effective against filth breeding fly larvae.

Nematodes are microscopic, non-segmented worms which occur naturally in soils all over the world. Apply nematodes to ground area where fly larvae are present. Mix with water and spray or sprinkle on the soil along fence posts and on manure piles. Moisten area first if soil is dry. Always release nematodes in the late afternoon when temperatures are cooler. Apply 5-10 million nematodes/25 sq. ft. manure pile. Release every 3-6 weeks or until infestation subsides.


As soon as you receive these beneficial nematodes, place them in the refrigerator. These delicate organisms must be kept cool until they are released. The optimal release time is early evening.

Nematodes are packaged in a water-dispersible medium. To release, empty contents into the appropriate amount of water (see chart below). STIR PERIODICALLY. The solution can be applied via watering can, hose end sprayer, backpack sprayer, pump sprayer, drip system or misting system. Failure to occassionally agitate the solution will allow nematodes to settle to the bottom of the container. Will not harm earthworms.

Nematode to Water Application Ratio Chart

      Nematodes                  Water

Garden Size (10 Million)     2-10 Gallons
1/4 Acre Size (50 Million)   10-100 Gallons

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