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Victor Indoor Fly Trap

The Indoor Fly Trap attracts and traps flying insects, including flies. Special patent pending Silvalure System of 3D designs and colors increases the chances of trapping flies. Indoor Fly Trap

What is the Silvalure System?

  • Patent pending fly attractive 3D design and colors
  • Special Glue formulation that contains a natural fly attractant
  • Long lasting Glue--lasts up to 8 weeks
  • No-Goo Glue won't stick to your fingers!

How effective is it?

  • The patent pending 3D design and hot pink colors on the Super Fly
  • Indoor Fly Trap increases the efficacy by 60% over standard fly traps.
  • Flies like to land on edges--the 3D design looks like an edge to flies

Fly Control tips from the Experts

  • Eliminate food sources for flies by covering food and keeping lids tight on trash receptables
  • Place the Indoor Fly Trap in well-lit area - flies are attracted to light
  • The Indoor Fly Trap may also be used outside in areas protected from weather
  • Replace the Indoor Fly Trap when it's about 90% full of trapped flies
  • Save the box for trap disposal

The Indoor Fly Traps measures 10 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep.

363701Victor Indoor Fly Trap$7.90
363711Victor Indoor Fly Trap, 12/cs$41.90


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