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Revenge Fly Line Tape

The Revenge Fly Line Tape has a special Insect Trapping Glue which will lure and catch millions of flies. It is a non-toxic fly control for use in stables, farms, dairy barns, kennels, zoos, factories, restaurants, tents, garages and more. Flying insets are attracted to this sticky tape and are soon trapped. Catch one and all the other flies come over to see what's going on.

When the exposed Revenge Fly Line Tape is black with flies, unhook the brakes and just crank out a fresh length of the Tape. The Revenge Fly Tape is environmentally sound so it can be used everywhere with confidence.

"The Huge Reel"

(Mounting Hardware Sold Separately)

Content: 1 Reel with 1,312 ft. (400 meters) of Fly Line Tape.

The Huge Reel Directions

Hardware Mounting Kit

This hardware kit is to be used with the Revenge Sticky Fly Line Tape "The Huge Reel".

Contents: 2 Wall Brackets, 1 Hand Crank, 4 Reel Hitch Pins, 2 Reel Brakes, 3 Pulleys, 3 Screw Hooks, 6 Lag Bolts, Disposable Gloves, Mounting Instructions (English, Spanish and French).

Hardware Mounting Kit Directions

"The Mini-Reel Kit"

This Revenge Sticky Fly Line Tape Mini Reel Kit contains everything you need to lure and catch tens of thousands of flies.

Contents: 1 Reel with 81 ft. (24.7 meters) of Fly Line Tape, 1 Empty Take-Up Reel, and 2 Screws with Anchors.

The Mini-Reel Kit Directions

107901Revenge Fly Line Tape Huge Reel, (1330 ft)$41.95
107911Revenge Fly Line Tape Huge Reel, 6/cs$212.95
107921Revenge Fly Line Tape Mounting Hardware$26.90
107801Revenge Fly Line Tape Mini-Reel Kit$9.95
107811Revenge Fly Line Tape Mini-Reel Kit 12/bx$81.00
107821Revenge Fly Line Tape Mini-Reel Kit 48/mc$299.00


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