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Silvalure Fly Control Discreet

The 3-D pattern that attracts the flies is on the inside of the trap which means that trapped insects are hidden from view.

All that can be seen on the outside is an image of horses grazing in a field.

The trap comes with sticky pads for attaching to the window frame or pane.

Ideal for use in the horse lover's home.

3 Traps/box.

234301 Silvalure Fly Control Discreet, 3/pkg (.2#)           $4.90
234311 Silvalure Fly Control Discreet, 3/pkg, 12/cs (2.4#)  $56.00


Keep you horse happy and free of annoying and disease-transmitting flies with Silva's new Horse Line. The four new products represent a range of non-toxic and environmentally sound fly traps designed specifically to meet the needs of horses and their keepers, for usage in stables, outdoors and in the house.
  • Silvalure Fly Control Happy
  • Silvalure Fly Control Discreet
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