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BioCare Window Fly Trap BioCare Window Fly Trap

The BioCare Window Fly Trap attracts and captures all types of flies in homes. Flies are attracted by food or shelter in homes. They occur in almost every region of the world, and during the summer season can reproduce rapidly. Flies contaminate foods and carry disease. Flies in homes, such as house flies, cluster flies, little house flies, garbage flies, blow flies, flesh flies, blue bottle flies, and others become attracted to the light and heat from widows. These flies are especially attracted to windows with southern and western exposures. Some flies such as cluster flies occur in large numbers and are extremely annoying. long term use of the Window Fly Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.

The traps have blue clovers on a transparent background. They are 8 inches by 3 inches.

Easy Instructions
Peel off the white strip from the back of the trap to expose the mounting strip. Mount the trap along an edge of the window where it will not contact drapes or blinds, or their cords. peel front release paper to expose the sticky front of the Window Fly Trap. Use more traps for best results. Traps can also be used on tile, metal or wooden surfaces or walls where flies accumulate, including food display cabinets (replace traps daily). Replace traps when full or after two months. Dispose of old traps with regular garbage. In case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil.

Package of 4

238101  BioCare Window Fly Trap 4/pk (0.1#)      $4.20  ** OUT OF STOCK  **
238121  BioCare Window Fly Trap 12/cs (1.5#)    $48.40  ** OUT OF STOCK  **


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