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Solar Fly Trap ARBICO Solar Fly Trap

The Solar Fly Trap is an environmentally safe aluminum trap that sits on the ground where flies dwell the most. Traps should be placed where flies are concentrated most, but out of the way of foot traffic.

The solar trap resembles a large hat box, the inside of which is an inverted cone. Bait is placed at the bottom in a bait bowl. Flies are attracted by the bait, by-pass it, and move up the cone where they're trapped in the "chamber" and dehydrated by the sun. Used by gardeners, pet owners, horse owners, breeding and training facilities, dairies, feedlots, and other places where flies are a problem. Comes with one packet of bait, which is enough for approximately 5 weeks.

160101Solar Fly Trap $89.90
160111Solar Fly Trap, 4+$86.75
160121Solar Fly Trap, 20+$84.50
257001Fly Trap Bait $9.50
257021Fly Trap Bait, 4+$9.00
257031Fly Trap Bait, 6+$8.50

Due to the size and shape of the Solar Fly Trap, it will ship separately from other items ordered.
Call for freight rates on 10 or more Solar Fly Traps


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