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Fly Control Program


  • Cause irritation to livestock and humans
  • May transmit filth-diseases
  • Cause financial loss
  • Migrate long distances from neighboring facilities

FACT: Chemicals

  • Hazardous to human and animal life
  • Less effective with repeated use
  • Expensive, due to oil-based properties
  • Flies become resistant


A Bio-Balanced Fly Control Program (BBFC)

Larvae/Pupae Control:

Dispersal of Fly Parasites, the natural enemy:
  • Kill developing flies
  • Break the life cycle of the fly
  • Preserve the environmental balance
Dispersal of Beneficial Nematodes:
  • Attack fly larvae
  • Require only 1-3 applications per year
  • Give extra control where large numbers of larvae are observed

Manure and Sanitation Management:
  • Remove manure regularly
  • Compost waste properly
  • Repair leaky water devices
  • Keep feed storage areas dry

Adult Control:
  • Control all species of flies
  • Control migrating flies
  • Effective up to 80 yards radius
fly life cycle


  • They are gnat-sized, nocturnal, and burrow into the soil
  • They will NOT bite or harm humans or animals
  • They reproduce in 2-3 weeks, constantly reinforcing the parasite population
  • Sold in the form of parasitized pupae, they are easy to disperse
  • They travel up to 80 yards to find their food source (fly pupae)
  • They are adaptable to all climates

  • Bio-Balanced Fly Control is the long overdue solution for Livestock Owners, Breeders and Trainers
  • BBFC Programs are the safest, most cost effective way to control filth-breeding flies!

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