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Broad Spectrum Bactericide/Fungicide

StorOx is a post-harvest treatment ideal for use in the sanitization of fruits and vegetables, equipment, vehicles, storages and wash waters. StorOx works through a powerful activated peroxygen reaction, killing bacterial and fungal disease as well as slime-forming algae on contact.

Specially formulated as a post-harvest treatment, StorOx is used for the sanitization of fruits and vegetables during processing and throughout storage. Because it is non-residual, StorOx leaves behind no harmful chemical by-products.

Through its unique patented chemistry, StorOx reduces spoilage and extends the shelf life of produce by suppressing bacterial and fungal disease and slime-forming algae with no adverse effects to equipment or personnel. StorOx is an earth-friendly product that is completely non-toxic, non-residual and biodegradable.

StorOx is OMRI Listed.

222101 StorOx, 5 gal (48#)      $270.00

Due to special packaging requirements, StorOx will ship separately from other items ordered.

Note: StorOx is subject a $22.50 Hazardous Materials charge per shipment.


Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips
The Peroxide Test Kit is now available that will enable the ZeroTol, Sanidate and Oxidate user to accurately determine and verify correct concentrations of active ingredient in a working solution. Hydrogen Peroxide test strips instantly determine if your chemical program is within an effective range.

"Peroxide Test Kit does not contain any ZeroTol"

222271Peroxide Test Kit$62.00