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Garlic GP Ornamental

Garlic GP Ornamental Fungicide A natural product that is chemical-free and good for the environment, Garlic GP Ornamental controls white powdery mildew, rust and downey mildew. For use on all ornamentals - both inside and outdoor - Garlic GP Ornamental will not harm people, pets, birds, wildlife or beneficial insects. The application becomes odorless within hours, and lasts for up to an impressive 21 days!

Safe for use on all varieties of ornamentals, including: Green shrubs, blooming shrubs, trees, ferns, conifers, tropicals, succulents, palms, bedding plants, vining plants.


Ready to use: Shake well before using. Spray all plant surfaces until completely covered. Apply every 7-10 days.

Preventive Application: Thoroughly mix 7oz concentrated Garlic GP with 1 Gallon water. Spray all plant surfaces (including: backs of leaves) until completely covered. Apply every 14-21 days at the onset of warm weather.
Curative Application: (Disease is already present) Thoroughly mix 14oz concentrated Garlic GP with 1 Gallon water. Spray all plant surfaces (including: backs of leaves) until completely covered. Apply every 7-10 days. Continue treatment until disease is under control, and then return to preventive mode.
Soil Drench for Root Rot: Mix 14oz concentrated Garlic GP with 1 Gallon water. Wet soil around plant in a complete radius from the trunk to outer limbs. Apply enough to penetrate 12"in depth every 21 days.

Do not exceed 20 oz. Concentrated product per gallon as damage to plants may occur.

When to Apply:
Apply in the late afternoon when plants are most receptive.

Active Ingredients
Garlic Juice98.20%
Potassium Sorbate.30%
Citric Acid1.50%

452801Garlic GP, Ornamental, qt. RTU$5.40
452821Garlic GP, Ornamental, qt. conc.$19.95
452831Garlic GP, Ornamental, qt. conc., 12/cs$191.95
452841Garlic GP, Ornamental, gal. conc.$59.95
452851Garlic GP, Ornamental, gal. conc., 4/cs$205.95
452861Garlic GP, Ornamental, 2.5 gal. conc.$139.95
452871Garlic GP, Ornamental, 2.5 gal. conc., 2/cs$241.95


Also see Garlic GP Vegetable & Garden and Garlic GP Lawn & Turf

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