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Automated Squirrel - Proof Bird Feeder

Birds can stand on any of the metal feeding stations and eat undisturbed. But when a squirrel standing on the base or roof tries to eat from the Squirrel Scatter feeder, it will be surprised and repelled by a brief, safe electric pulse. Squirrels learn to leave the feeder alone - and birds can enjoy the food you provide them. Feed the birds, not the squirrels.

  • Bird friendly High quality bird feeder with 6 spill-resistant feeding stations
  • Squirrel deterrent Deters squirrels with a brief and safe electric pulse
  • Touch sensitive Birds do not activate the electric pulse and feel nothing
  • Safe and harmless to squirrels and birds
  • No assembly Easy to use - no assembly required
  • Power efficient Works for up to three months on two "D" cell alkaline batteries
  • Large capacity Holds approximately 64 oz (2 litres) of birdseed
  • Sturdy Durable and weather resistant - will not rust
  • 413501 Contech "SquirrelScatter" birdfeeder (8#)     $89.00


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