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Contech Scarecrow Contech Scarecrow
Motion Activated Sprinkler

Finally - a way to keep unwanted animals out of the garden! Cats, Dogs, Deer, Rabbits, Raccoons, large birds and many others. The patented Scarecrow is the smartest scarecrow ever invented. When it sees an intruder it instantly releases full garden hose water pressure towards the trespasser. The effect is both startling and immediate! Animals quickly get out of the area and avoid it in the future.

Dog and Cat chaser Rabbit chaser Deer chaser
Just hook up to your garden hose, plug in the battery and
point it over the area to be protected. It's that easy.

Coverage Up to 1000 square feet can be covered by one Scarecrow. A 35 foot deep and 45 foot wide 100 degree sensor detection zone provides plenty of garden protection.

Contech Scarecrow
How it works
Scarecrow senses animals the same way security lights detect people; movement and heat. When an animal is seen, a valve opens instantly releasing a three second pulsating spray of water. The combination of the sudden noise, movement, and water frightens animals away. This startling, yet harmless action is a remarkably effective deterrent

  • Uses 2-3 cups of water per deterrance.
  • Runs for months and fires up to 10000 times on a 9 volt battery.
  • Detects animals day and night.
  • Sprays only over the area to be protected.
  • Easy to install, move and store.
  • Eco-friendly and chemical free.
  • A humane solution to unwanted intruders.

Yahoo! I saw this baby in action and it scared a cat out its skin! Its been installed since Monday night, I haven't seen any paw prints in the sand box since Wednesday morning! - M. Johnson, Rocklin, CA

Contech ScareCrow Sprinkler is presently unavailable, while the product is being re-branded. We look forward to seeing the Scarecrow come online approximately November 2015.
413011Contech ScareCrow Sprinkler$67.25TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
413012Contech ScareCrow Sprinkler, 2+$65.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
413091Contech ScareCrow Mounting Bracket$15.25TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

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