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Contech Scat Mat
Electronic Pet Training Mat

Protect your Christmas Tree
There is a real danger to pets who chew on the sparkle or chocolate from under the tree.
Do not let your cat climb your Christmas tree or your dog eat the presents.
Protect and keep your pets safe with Contech's ScatMat.

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Product Highlights

Battery Powered Design: One 9 volt battery provides approximately 6 months operation or 10,000 activations.
Works Silently: Corrects unwanted behavior without disturbing other pets or people in the home.
Flexible pads: Mats are made from flexible PVC which contours to surfaces and rolls for storage.
Static type deterrence: Startling, unpleasant static provides instant memorable deterrence by the environment rather than you, the pet owner.
Adjustable Output (low, medium, high): Appropriate deterrence sensations for varying sized pets. Train kittens at Low, cats at medium, adult dogs and long haired cats on High.
Expandable with Extension Mats: Two Extension mats can be connected to economically increase areas covered.
Expandable with Dummy Mats: If pets avoid Scat Mats on sight, you can also use non powered Dummy Mats to extend coverage further.
Quick Snap Design: Scat Mat components clip together with snap fasteners. Easily move your Power Pack from one mat to another.
Animal Specific: Scat Mats only train pets who get onto, or into the unapproved space.
24/7 Operation: Scat Mats operate unattended and correct the pet at exactly the time and location of the unwanted behavior, day or night.
Action Indicator: This activation 'tattle-tale' light helps you decide when the pet is trained. It will blink a count showing how many times the mat has been stepped since it was last turned on.
Effective: Works when all else fails.

Large Scat Mat (48" x 20") Medium Scat Mat (30" x 16") Scat Strip (46" x 3")

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