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Contech Scat Mat
Electronic Pet Training Mat

(For inside the home)

Use Scat Mats anywhere your pet exhibits annoying, destructive or unsafe behavior. No more scratched furniture, doors or windows sills. No more torn curtains or hair-covered sofas. No more trespassing on tables, countertops or vehicles.

Place a Scat Mat in a restricted area, such as on a table top or a sofa. When an animal steps on the mat it is startled by a harmless but unpleasant static type sensation and quickly learns to stay away. Bad habits may be corrected in just a few days. When training is complete, roll up the mat for convenient storage.

Adjustable correction levels ensure Scat Mat is effective and safe all pets ranging in size from kittens to large dogs. If your older pet is exhibiting a new location specific behavior problem, such as urinating, we recommend you visit your veterinarian to rule out any medical cause. If there is no medical cause for the behavior a Scat Mat is one of the most effective tools available to control unwanted pet presence at problem spots in the home. For more details see the Users Guide Information link below.

Scat Mats come in several convenient sizes including Extension Mats. Extensions get their 'static' from another Scat Mat via a 12 foot (3.6m) connector cable and costs much less. Up to 2 Extension Mats can be 'daisy chained' off of the first powered Scat Mat.

In a typical application a Scat Mat is keeping 5 terriers out of a 'no-go' room. (click to zoom in on the picture)

Large Scat MatMedium Scat MatScat Strip

Demostrations:Media PlayerQuickTimeReal Player
ScatMat introduction
(30 seconds)
High / Low High / Low High / Low
ScatMat overview
(2 minutes 13 seconds)
High / Low High / Low High / Low
ScatMat Kitchen Training:
by veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin
(41 seconds)
High / Low

414101Scat Mat- LONG (60" x 12")$74.90TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
414102Scat Mat- LONG (60" x 12"), 6/cs$420.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
414111Scat Mat- MED (30" x 16")$74.90
414112Scat Mat- MED (30" x 16"), 6/cs$420.00
414121Scat Mat- MED. Extension (30" x 16")$31.90
414122Scat Mat- MED. Extension (30" x 16"), 6/cs$179.00
414131Scat Mat- LG. (48" x 20")$84.90TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
414132Scat Mat- LG. (48" x 20"), 6/cs$415.00TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE
414141Scat Mat- LG. Extension (48" x 20")$39.90
414142Scat Mat- LG. Extension 48" x 20"), 6/cs$230.00
414151Scat Strip - (46" x 3") $68.90
414152Scat Strip - (46" x 3"),12/cs$380.00
414161Scat Strip Extension - (46" x 3")$21.90
414162Scat Strip Extension - (46" x 3"), 6/cs$121.00


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