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Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb

Controls rats, moles, gophers, skunks, woodchucks (ground hogs) and ground squirrels.

Not a poison. Actually suffocates animals by consuming the oxygen in their tunnels.

USE RESTRICTIONS: This product may be used to control pocket gophers, moles, woodchucks, Norway rats, skunks and ground squirrels on lawns, parks, golf courses, range lands, reforested areas, open fields, meadows and non-crop areas. Do not use where use of gas cartridges are prohibited by local ordinances.


Insert cartridge into burrow, fuse end first, immediately after fuse is lit. Do not hold burning cartridges in your hand. Cover hole with a flat rock and step to the side of hole. DO NOT STAND BEHIND THE HOLE. Do not use cartridges where vegetation is dry and likely to catch fire.

  1. Read the instruction sheet and understand the specific directions for the type of animal that you intent to control.
  2. Carefully pull fuse out from under the rubber band. Push the fuse all the way back into the cartridge.
  3. Have a board, garbage can cover or large flat rock handy for covering the hole. It is recommended that safety glasses, gloves and a long sleeve shirt be worn.
  4. Test the hole to make sure it is wide enough and deep enough for the cartridge.
  5. Light the fuse and immediately insert cartridge fuse end first into burrow and cover the hole to trap the smoke. Stand to the side of the hole. Never stand behind the ignited cartridge. Be certain your face is not near the ignited cartridge. The minimum fuse burn time is 5 seconds. Try to avoid breathing cartridge smoke.
  6. The effectiveness of this product will be limited under conditions of dry or porous soil, which permit the escape of toxic gases from treated burrows.

108001Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb, 4/pk$7.35
108011Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb, 4/pk, 12/cs$73.50


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