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The Great Horned Owl is one of Nature's Most Feared Predators

The Prowler Owl®

The Prowler Owl® was recreated from artwork produced by nationally renowned wildlife artist, Dave Constantine, National Turkey Federation Artist of the Year. The Prowler Owl® is the only owl decoy on the market that replicates a bird of prey in hunting mode. With outstretched wings the Prowler® appears as though it is gliding through the air in search of its next meal.

The Prowler Owl® will move in the lightest breeze giving a lifelike appearance, unlike the "wooden soldier" look of conventional plastic owls. The movement of the Prowler Owl® makes the decoy far more effective when left in one place, as opposed to conventional plastic owls that need to be moved nearly every day for them to remain effective.

ULTIMATE AERIAL PREDATOR - Great Horned Owl: the most-feared predator of pigeons, starlings, geese, other birds, rodents, rabbits and squirrels, even skunk - it catches and eats almost anything that moves!

LIFELIKE & EFFECTIVE - Most realistic predator on the market - life size, accurate markings. Huge, spanning nearly 4 feet, patented flapping wings lift and fall as the head and "airfoil" body move in the wind.

ON THE HUNT - Always-moving "hunting" posture, never perching, so birds can't get used to it.

TIRELESS - Perfect patrol for gardens, parks, golf courses, marinas, rooftops, open areas. Set it up anywhere -- the breeze and its natural appearance take care of the rest!

Wingspan 44", total head-to-tail 28", head diameter 7"
Heavy Duty Materials: head is hard resin plastic, body is strong-weave iron hide fabric supported by woven flexible cables and riveted plastic struts
Includes: head, wings, and body
Shipping Box: 3lb., 12" x 7" x 10"
Mounting: neck opening is 3/4" diameter, place on 5/8" pole.

246001Prowler Owl$49.90
246021Prowler Owl, 2+$46.48
246031Prowler Owl, 6/cs$270.28


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