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Super Sonic Molechaser

The Super Sonic Molechaser is a humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of destructive ground rodents. The Super Sonic Molechaser works on Moles, Gophers, Ground Squirrels, Voles, Pocket Mice, Shrews, and Kangaroo Rats and is completely harmless to worms and other underground bugs.

Most underground rodents have poor eyesight, yet nature has given them a very acute sense of hearing and sensitivity to ground vibrations. The Super sonic Molechaser exploits this sensitivity to produce a penetrating sonic sound of 300Hz over an area of approximately 11,250 square feet (1/4 acre) at approximately 15 second intervals.

Super Sonic Molechaser operates in a circular pattern, approximately 120 feet in diameter. Trees, wall foundations and other obstacles will affect the range of the Super Sonic Molechaser. Areas beyond such obstacles will be in a "shadow zone". Minor obstructions like lamp posts are OK.

Replace the batteries after approximately 4 to 6 months in super sonic mode, 10 to 12 months in long life mode, or when sound is no longer audible.

Dimensions16"(Length) x 2" (diameter)
Weight11.5 oz without batteries
Power Supply4 D cell batteries
Effective RangeApproximately 11,2500 (1/4 acre)

408601 Super Sonic Molechaser (1.5#)             $39.95
408611 Super Sonic Molechaser, 2 or more (1.5#)  $34.95 each
408620 Super Sonic Molechaser, 12/cs (18#)       $389.00

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