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If you have a barking dog in your life we are here to help!
The K9 Kalmer will stop excessive barking and
unlike shock or sprays is completely pain Free!

The K9 Kalmer
Bark suppressor

The Bark Stops Here K9 Kalmer plays an irresistible, proprietary composition of music, which dogs can hear but is inaudible to humans. This melody will lure attention away from anxiety producing stimuli and result in the dog's tranquility. Used in a systematic way, the K9 Kalmer will make this tranquil behavior a permanent part of a dog's life.

The K9 Kalmer will reduce needless barking without negative stimuli. The K9 Kalmer works on your dog, your neighbor's dog(s) and their neighbor's dog(s). The melody has a 100 yard range and travels through fences and over walls.

The unit is easily mounted to walls, or may sit on any flat surface. The unit may also be mounted under outside eaves, virtually hidden, due to its weather resistant casing. The K9 Kalmer is easy to use and has simple one button operation. Full instructions and AC adapter included.

How do I use the K9 Kalmer?
During the first week, you will need to adjust the K9 Kalmer as your dog accepts the sounds coming from the unit. Without knowing your dog's habits/problems, it is not possible to recommend a specific setting. However, we have found through extensive research that by following the recommended cycle below, results can be achieved in a short period of time after activation.

Important: You may notice an increased level of barking at first, which should stop within a few hours as the dog accepts the sound.

K9 Day 1
Press the musical note button one time and the light over the "12" setting will light. The unit is now set to operate - one hour on, one hour off - for 24 hours. After 24 hours of operation, the unit will automatically adjust to the "8" setting (on one hour, off two hours). Leave the unit on for the next five days.

Day 6
Press the musical note to lower to the "6" setting (on one hour, off three hours). Leave on "6" setting for 24 hours.

Day 7
Press the musical note to lower the setting to "4" (on one hour, off five hours).

If necessary, you may reset the unit to "12" for an intense refresher, but do not subject your dog to the intense "12" setting for more than twelve hours at a time (after the initial Day 1 startup).

022011  K9 Kalmer (1.6#)   $69.90  

*There will be a 15% restocking fee on electronic product returns.


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