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VICTOR® Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap
Electronic Mouse Trap will quickly and safely eliminate mice from your home.
• Delivers an electrical shock to kill mouse in seconds.
• Safe to use around children and pets. Built-in safety feature deactivates unit if top door is accidentally opened.
• Unique tunnel design engineered to prevent mouse from escaping and decreases risk of shock to humans.
• Easy to use - simply bait with peanut butter!
• Green indicator light will flash for up to 24 hours to signal that a mouse has been caught.
• 4 AA batteries kill approximately 50 mice. Indicator light will blink red when batteries need to be replaced (Batteries not included).
• Dimensions: 6.3"L X 3.25"W X 1.75"H (16cm X 8.25cm X 4.4cm)

• STEP 1: Spread peanut butter on inside back wall. Insert 4 AA batteries into battery compartment.
• STEP 2: Identify location with mouse activity. Place trap on floor against wall. Keep the side with mouse entrance closest to the wall.
• STEP 3: Turn switch to "on" position (-). Green light will flash once, indicating that unit has been enabled.

218401  Victor Electronic Mouse Trap (0.8#)   $27.95


*Returns of electronic products are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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