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Cat Deterrent Granules

SHAKE-AWAY Cat Deterrent Granules keeps domestic cats away. SHAKE-AWAY Cat Deterrent Granules is 100% natural, safe and effective. It will not harm or burn your plants, bushes or trees. It creates the illusion that coyotes and foxes are present in your lawn or garden.

Apply SHAKE-AWAY deterrent granules directly over the areas where cats have sprayed or used as a litter box. Remove all solid waste before applying the product. Reapply each time a new area has been affected.

Spraying cats:
Sprinkle SHAKE-AWAY over the entire spot where a cat has sprayed in your lawn, garden, bushes, flowers, etc. Reapply as needed, or apply SHAKE-AWAY twice a month for maintenance.

Each bottle of SHAKE-AWAY deterrent granules will cover up to 600 linear feet when applied as directed.

548601 Shake-Away, Domestic Cat Blend, 20 oz (1.4#)         $15.90
548611 Shake-Away, Domestic Cat Blend, 20 oz, 12/cs (17#)  $175.00
548621 Shake-Away, Domestic Cat Blend, 3 lbs (3.2#)         $29.95
548631 Shake-Away, Domestic Cat Blend, 3 lbs, 6/cs (20#)   $147.00


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