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Terro Ant Killer II

Terro Ant Killer II

The Terro Ant Bait consists of a mixture of boric acid and sugar in a liquid solution that attracts sweet eating ants. When ants carry the bait back to their nest, Terro will eliminate the entire colony.

Terro Ant Killer II now comes as an easy-to-use, pre-filled liquid ant bait. Terro II Ant Bait Stations

Terro II Ant Bait Stations

    The same proven formula in an easy to use pre-filled station. For indoor or outdoor use. The patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. With 11cc's in each unit, it is ideal for large infestations. Come with 6 bait stations.

Terro II Outdoor Ant Bait Stations

Terro II Outdoor Ant Bait Stations

    Kills ants outside before they get inside. The patented design keeps the liquid bait from drying out and protects it from the elements. Stakes are enclosed for additional security. A full ounce is included in each station for maximum effectiveness.

Wow! No more ants. I'm the happiest girl alive! By putting out Terro baits we discovered that practically the whole house was overrun by them. After a week, we haven't seen a one. Thank you. S.G. Sugarland, TX

Great product! Used it years ago and it worked great. Had a hard time finding it in stores in upstate NY. Finally found it and at the first sign of ants I put it down (1 week ago) and now, NO ANTS! Saved us form the "Ant Man". Keep up the good work. Thanks, S.S. Mechanicville, NY

751431Terro II Ant Killer, 2 oz. (.3#)$4.25OUT OF STOCK
751441Terro II Ant Killer, 2 oz., 12/bx (3.6#)$42.50
751451Terro II Ant Killer, 2 oz., 8 dz/mc (22#)$319.00
751201Terro II Ant Bait Stations, 6/pkg (.3#)$6.95
751211Terro II Ant Bait Stations, 6/pkg, 12/cs (3.5#)$72.90
751301Terro II Outdoor Ant Bait Stations, 3/pkg (.8#)$8.95
751311Terro II Outdoor Ant Bait Stations, 3/pkg, 12/cs (6#)$85.95

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