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SlugsAway Electronic Fence
Keeps slugs and snails out of your garden without chemicals

SLUGGO The SlugsAway slug and snail deterrent is a safe and effective alternative to slug and snail baits. The electronic deterrent surrounds your garden or flower bed with a compact fence that forms a harmless, yet effective, electronic barrier. When a slug or snail attempts to climb the fence, it receives a mild static sensation (undetectable to animals and humans) causing it to change its path away from your garden.

Safe for children and pets, SlugsAway is easy to set-up, and can protect your garden all season on a single nine-volt battery.

  • Pesticide free: no chemicals and environmentally friendly
  • Harmlessly repels slugs and snails
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Easy to set up and use
  • A single nine-volt battery can last an entire season
  • High-quality mesh fence protects up to 32 sq. ft. (3 sq.m.) SLUGGO
  • Extension fences available separately to protect larger areas

    SlugsAway Extension Fence
    Extension fence can be added to the SlugsAway if you have a larger area you wish to protect. The extension fence is 24 ft (7.3 m).

    272101SlugsAway Electronic Fence $39.95
    272111SlugsAway Electronic Fence, 4/cs$155.00
    272121SlugsAway Extension $19.95
    272131SlugsAway Extension, 4/cs$79.00


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