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Protects plants from slugs!

The SLUGOFF is designed to keep slugs from attacking plants by providing a safe, natural, electrostatic barrier - one that they will not cross! SLUGOFF stops slugs with an electric shock caused by a chemical reaction that takes place within the slug's own body chemistry that occurs when they come into contact with the copper surface.

The SLUGOFF is environmentally safe and non-toxic. It is reusable and designed for years of use. If SLUGOFF begins to tarnish, use fine steel wool to brighten the finish.

When assembled, the SLUGOFF creates a 4" diameter enclosure. The SLUGOFF is very simple to use:

  1. Place a SLUGOFF around the steam of any plant that you wish to protect.
  2. Fasten the ends of the SLUGOFF together so that each of the two holes end up on the inside wall of the circle.
  3. Press the SLUGOFF into the ground so that there are no gaps beneath the SLUGOFF for slugs to crawl under.
  4. Rest easy knowing that your plant is now safe from slug attack.

271101  SLUGOFF, 5/pk (0.5#)              $5.95


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