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PIC Roach Killer Gel
Boric Acid

PIC Roach Killer Gel The PIC Roach Killer Gel can be used for long-term control of roaches. The pre-filled disposable injectors make it easy to apply to cracks and crevices. It is accepted for use in apartments, homes, food areas, etc.

Directions for Use:
Domestic Use: Apply the gel amply behind and under the following: stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, washing machines, tubs, water pipes, drains, sewer, man holes, electrical conduits, cracks and crevices of baseboards, in corners of cupboards, cabinets, and closets. Remove drawers from chess and cabinets, apply freely into corners of drawer wells. Reapply every two or three months. All visible gel should be packed into cracks and crevices. Remove excess gel and dispose into garbage. Be sure not to apply in areas accessible to children and pets. Avoid contamination of feed and food stuff.
Crack and Crevice Treatment: In food and feed stuff establishments:
Application is limited to crack and crevices treatment only in areas where food and feed stuff are received, stored, prepared, packaged (canning, boxing, or wrapping) or served: care must be taken to avoid depositing this product on serving surfaces where food and feed stuff are processed. Use this product only in cracks and crevices in food handling establishments.
Serving Areas: In Dining Rooms, apply into cracks or crevices such as baseboards and floor cracks. Avoid areas likely to be contacted by food.
Non-Food Areas: Apply to crack and crevice and around water pipes in areas such as garbage rooms, locker rooms, mop closets, boiler rooms, and lavatories.

Active Ingredients:
Boric acid33.3%
Inert Ingredients:66.7%

220401PIC Roach Killer Gel, 30g, 2 syringes/pk$8.95
220411PIC Roach Killer Gel, 2 syringes/pk, 12/cs$89.50

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