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MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait

MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait is based on proven technology derived from the earth and offers long-lasting, broad-spectrum control for preventative and curative treatments. The active ingredient, boric acid, is mined directly from the earth and combined with a granular bait matrix consisting of a complex blend of attractants for superior acceptance. This matrix also protects the active ingredient so that it is there when needed.

Boric acid has a long history of use in the pest control industry. Since this active ingredient targets the insect's metabolism, pests can't develop resistance, making it particularly well suited for ants, cockroaches, crickets and silverfish and other occasional invaders.

Beneficial features

  • Attractive bait matrix for broad-spectrum control
  • Granular bait for long lasting protection and easy application
  • Active ingredient is mined directly from Mother Earth
  • Odorless and non-staining
  • Low mammalian toxicity

    For use in and around a wide variety of locations

  • Homes and apartments
  • Restaurants and other businesses
  • Public and private institutions as well as schools
  • Other sensitive accounts

    Application tips

  • For perimeter treatments: spread bait at a rate of 4-6oz/100 ft. in a band at least 2 ft. wide around foundations, patios, driveways, sidewalks, entrances, and other areas where insects are present
  • Food area applications are limited to Crack & Crevice treatments only

    242101 MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait, 4 lb. (4#)         $25.95
    242121 MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait, 4 lb., 4/cs (16#)  $99.00
    242141 MotherEarth Granular Scatter Bait, 40 lb. (40#)      $133.95


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