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Springstar Earwig Trap

Earwig Traps

Earwig season begins in mid-Summer and goes into the Fall of the year. We offer an all purpose set of four (4) reusable traps which attract earwigs, ants, and other small crawling insects. Each trap lures the insects into the openings on the top and then prevents them from escaping. Insects are drown to the non toxic ingredients which you add to the trap. Contains no pesticides or poisons and so it is completely safe to use around pets, children, edible fruits and vegetables.

The trap is filled half way with water, dish washer soap, or vegetable oil and a piece of fruit or fish. Replace the lid on top of the trap and then set it anywhere earwigs can be found. Earwigs and other crawling insects will crawl into the holes on the top and drown in the mixture. Four traps per package, 3" in diameter and 1"high made from reusable break resistant resin material to give you years and years of repeat usage.

230301 Earwig Trap, 4/pkg (.8#)                $7.95
230311 Earwig Trap, 4/pkg, 12/cs (3#)         $83.90


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