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Bug Shooter
Kitchen Bug Spray

• Safe to use in your kitchen
• Can be used around the kitchen and stored food
• For crawling insects in and around the kitchen
• Kills Bugs Fast

This all natural insect spray is perfect for taking out pests while protecting indoor air quality. Use this insect spray on baseboards, windowsills, and doorsteps to keep bugs out of your home and away from your pantry.

Use to control the following insects: Ants, aphids, cockroaches, crickets, moths, mealy bugs, weevils and mosquitoes.

Active Ingredient
Clove Oil0.30%
Peppermint Oil0.25%
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate1.00%
Inert Ingredient
(Mineral Oil (USP), Citric Acid, Lecithin, water)98.45%

Shake well before using
Spray where insects appear. Hold container 12-18 inches from target area. Spray along floor boards, kitchen cabinets, countertops and pantry shelves. Treatment may be repeated monthly or as needed to control pests.

405101BugShooter, 24 oz. RTU$7.95
405141BugShooter, 32 oz. conc.$12.50
405151BugShooter, 32 oz. conc., 12/cs$199.00


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