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REOTemp 20 Compost Thermometers

The REOTEMP Compost Thermometers are ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of compost piles and windrows. The clear, easy-to-read dial, with the pointer directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem, gives an accurate reading every time. Used by composters everywhere for waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing, etc.

Heat is an essential element in the production of good compost. The temperature reading tells you when to add water, turn the pile and when it is ready to use. If the compost is too hot, it can kill microorganisms that are essential to proper conversion of compost materials to humus. If the compost temperature is too cold microbial activity is reduced, weed seeds and disease pathogens are not destroyed, and your compost can take a very long time to mature.

Dual Scale REOTemp The REOTemp Backyard Composting Thermometer with 1/4" stem is specially designed with the home composter in mind. The REOTemp Backyard Thermometer comes with a temperature range of 0°F to 200°F, a 20" long stainless steel stem with a pointed tip for easy insertion and an easy-to-read 2" diameter dial.

The REOTemp Dual Scale Bimetal Compost Thermometers with heavy duty 5/16" hardened steel shaft are specifically designed to monitor the temperatures of windrows and static compost piles. The clear, easy to read, 3" unbreakable plastic crystal dial gives an accurate reading every time. Dual Scale thermometers display both the Farenheit scale and Celsius scale from -10°C to 90°C. The REO Temp thermometers come with a detachable PVC sheath to protect the probe during storage.

Heavy Duty Windrow Thermometers
The REOTEMP Windrow thermometers are ideally suited for monitoring interior temperatures of a large compost bins or windrows.The clear, easy-to-read dial, with the pointer directly driven by the sensitive bi-metal helix in the bottom of the stem, gives an accurate reading every time. Used by composters everywhere for waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing, etc.

  • Rugged all stainless construction
  • Hermetically sealed-will not fog
  • Unbreakable plastic crystal
  • Pointed stem for easy insertion
  • Easy-to-read 3" diameter dial
  • Very accurate (+1% of scale)

    Fast Response Windrow Thermometer
    The Fast Response Windrow Thermometer has all of the assets the Heavy-Duty Thermometer has, however it is stronger and quicker. The extra sensitive tip gives an accurate temperature reading twice as fast as the Heavy-Duty Probe. The stem is now reinforced with 3/8" stainless steel, providing you with a more durable instrument so that you do not need to replace them as often.

    These thermometers are used everywhere for composting, waste disposal, recycling, mushroom growing and soil testing.

    The REOTEMP Probe Guard is for the most rugged compost thermometer users. The probe guard shields the stem from large debris protecting the thermometer from bending or breaking while inserting it into the pile. The probe guard also provides a handle for you to hold onto while inserting the probe into the pile. Probe Guard

    • Rugged all stainless construction.
    • Pointed stem with hole
    • For use with Thermometers °F or °C scales
    • Painted bright orange for easy identification

    48", 60" and 72" Dual Scale Windrow Thermometers and Probe Guards are available by SPECIAL ORDER and may take up to a week to build. Probe Guards ship directly from the factory. A $20 Box Charge and UPS Special Handling charges may apply. Shipping charge may differ from what is shown on the online shopping cart, especially to destinations East of the Mississippi River.

    The ProbeGuard do not fit Fast Response Windrow Thermometer

    404202Compost Thermometer, 24", 1/4 dia, (Dual Scale)$76.90
    404221Compost Thermometer, 24", 5/16 dia, (Dual Scale)$89.90
    404411Windrow Thermometer, 36", 5/16 dia, (Dual Scale)$106.90
    404421Windrow Thermometer, 36", Fast Response, (Dual Scale)$149.50
    404601Windrow Thermometer, 48", 5/16 dia, (Dual Scale)$153.00
    404631Windrow Thermometer, 48", Fast Response 0-200 F$224.00
    404701Windrow Thermometer, 60", 5/16 dia, (Dual Scale)$199.00
    404801Windrow Thermometer, 72", 5/16 dia, (Dual Scale)$260.00
    405011REOTEMP Probe Guard, 24"$138.00
    405021REOTEMP Probe Guard, 36"$149.00
    405031REOTEMP Probe Guard, 48"$172.00
    405041REOTEMP Probe Guard, 60"$178.00
    405051REOTEMP Probe Guard, 72"$198.00


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