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Moisture Meter Reotemp Compost Moisture Meter

Now it is possible for you to determine the moisture condition of your compost without having to dig or remove any mulch or soil. Just insert the probe directly into the compost. Instantly your Moisture Meter will give you an accurate reading of moisture available.

Compost moisture is measured by inserting the brass alloy probe into the compost at each location to be tested. The probe is sensitive only at the tip, therefore the reading obtained on the meter indicates the amount of moisture at the depth the probe is inserted.

Moisture Meter Moisture Meter

Calibrate the instrument by inserting the tip into a saturated sample of compost or soil and setting the needle on scale to 10 (full scale). Then insert your Moisture Meter into the medium at the depth you want to measure and the relative moisture content will be derived instantly. The meter is sensitive to changing salt content and can be used to track leachate as well as give you moisture content.

The battery is included and is already installed. With normal usage it should last one season. When replacement becomes necessary, replace with a standard AA cell.

404900REOTEMP Backyard Moisture Meter, 17" (.5#)$35.90
404936REOTEMP Moisture Meter, 36" (3#)$106.00

This item has a 15% restocking charge.

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