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Manure Composter

A problem many barns face is how to dispose of unsightly manure piles. They are a breeding ground for a variety of pathogens. The high temperatures generated by this product will inactivate these pathogens and minimizes odors. This natural product expedites the biodegradation cycle of animal waste. The Organica Manure Composter will inhibit the volatilization of nitrogen, thus providing you nutrient rich humus.

First Application:
Use 1/2 lb per 1 cubic yard of manure. Under ordinary conditions, manure piles are completely broken down in 3 to 4 weeks. Extremely cold weather may lengthen composting time.

323111Organica Manure Composter, 5 lbs. $89.00
323121Organica Manure Composter, 5 lbs., 4/cs$330.00

The 25 pound Organica Manure Composter will ship separately from other items ordered.


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