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Eisenia fetida

Nature's soil aerators, earthworms (redworms) improve and condition the soil as they burrow in search of food. Earthworms excrete a highly nitrous fertilizer (called castings), which contain 5 times the available nitrogen, 7 times the available phosphorus, 3 times the exchangeable magnesium, 11 times the available potash, and 1.5 times the calcium found in 6 inches of top soil. Use 2 to 3 worms per square foot.

A pound container contains approximately 800 worms and eggs and covers 400 square feet.

308011Earthworms, apprx. 400 - 1/2 lb$13.95
308021Earthworms, apprx. 800 - 1 lb$27.95
308031Earthworms, apprx. 1600 - 2 lbs$55.90
308041Earthworms, 4 lbs.$109.90
308051Earthworms, 6 lbs.$164.90
308061Earthworms,10 lbs.$274.00

Earthworms will ship separately from other items ordered.

Preferred Shipping method: UPS 2nd Day or Overnight.
Cart orders that indicate anything other than 2nd Day or Overnight shipping will be upgraded.

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