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QR Compost Activator
Quick Return compost activator is a powder which, when mixed with water, will easily and rapidly reduce all your waste vegetable material to rich humus. The solution made from QR powder acts directly upon the vegetable matter and all you need to do is build a heap. Nothing could be easier.

It is easy to make good compost. The value of your compost will depend on three things: the materials, the method of building the heap, and the activator used. QR Activator will make the most valuable compost of all, rich in nitrogen... and make it quickly.

Waste vegetable matter is broken down into compost by the action of bacteria. QR stimulates bacterial growth so that decomposition quickly spreads through the whole heap.

253201  QR Compost Inoculant, 2 gm (.03#)   $4.49


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