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Orange Guard Ornamental Plant
Home Pest Control - Water Based Formula

Orange Guard for Ornamental Plants is the same proven formula, but when applied to ornamental plants, it becomes a repellent.

At a 4 parts water/1 part Orange Guard for Ornamental Plants dilution, the effects on aphids and spider mites is almost 100% control. At 6 parts water/1 part Orange Guard for Ornamental Plants the control is still over 90%.

When spraying, avoid open blooms, new growth and the heat of the day. It is best to hydrate the plant 30 minutes before application.

219801Orange Guard Ornamental Plant, 32 oz $10.50
219802Orange Guard Ornamental Plant, 32 oz, 12/cs$96.90
219821Orange Guard Ornamental Plant, gal$31.50
219822Orange Guard Ornamental Plant, gal 4/cs$110.76


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