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EcoExempt IC

Indoor Use:

To control crawling and flying insects (flies, moths, fruit flies, etc.) in sites that include, but are not limited to, food processing plants, (INCLUDING USDA INSPECTED FACILITIES), industrial installations, animal quarters (cattle barns, horse barns, poultry barns, swine houses, zoos) and warehouses, EcoEXEMPTª IC may be applied as a space spray through conventional fogging equipment. Mix 4 - 10 ounces of EcoEXEMPTª IC with sufficient oil to equal 1 gallon of diluted spray. Apply a rate of 1 - 3 fluid ounces per 1,000 cubic feet, filling the room with mist (or fog, if thermal equipment is used.) Keep area closed for at least 15 minutes. Vacate treated area. Ventilate before reoccupying. Retreat if reinfestation occurs.

EcoEXEMPTª IC does contain plant oils that are inherently fragrant. When used in confined spaces, prolonges exposure to the fragrance may be objectionable to some individuals.

In combinations with other insecticides:
To provide quick knockdown of insects when used with a residual insecticide, tank-mix EcoEXEMPTª IC at the rate listed above with the proper amount of companion insecticide and apply per the Directions for Use on the companion insecticide label.

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